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Total of 13584 since 2004

PM-ABC.Inc. has the most efficient system that can help you to get your PMP accreditation as soon as possible.
Our average exam preparation period is two months, and has a world record of 14 days! It is globally regarded as the quickest way to the PMP accreditation.
In the past 8 years, over 8000 PMPs have successfully obtained their credential by joining the PM-ABC.

The features of our system:

A. Certification Course for 35 hours of Basic Training and Exam Preparation:
35 required hours of accredited project management training to apply for the examination.
Exam Review Boot Camp (16 hours)
Online Screen-based Exam Simulation System of PMP®/CAPM®
Exam Simulation 5 points more difficult than the real certification exam.
Personal Instructor to support you through the preparing process.
Assist with registering to take the PMI examination.
Assist with obtaining PMI membership (if required)
Assist experienced project personnel to achieve PMI accreditation
Allow to re-take the Courses and Exam Boot Camp for free, until you pass the exam.
90% Pass Rate (Please see the testimonial)

Our personal instructor will assist you by regulating the study plans to fit your personal needs, answering doubts that you don’t understand, monitoring your test results and strengthening your weak areas. And the most important, evaluating the right time as you reach the competency for taking the exam.

Course topics include:
The Five Process Groups of Project Management:
Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing
The Nine Knowledge Areas of Project Management:
Integration, Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Human Resources, Communications, Risk, and Procurement
Two additional topics:
Framework and Professional of Social Responsibilities
Training Course materials include:
PMBOK (The Fourth Edition after June, 30th, 2009)
PMBOKR Quick Reference Guide

14 short-length textbooks with notes and instructions, offering the most penetrating insights to the project management, which will guide you all the way through the mist of project management.

PM-ABC® Certification Exam Manual

280 basic questions, each chapter 20 questions, 10 for preview, 10 for review, with full answer

PM-ABC® Screen-based Certification Exam questions

We offer over 1000 additional questions to improve your competency for each of your weak areas.

PM-ABC® Screen-based Certification Exam Simulations
  We offer two sets of 100-question test for competency evaluation, plus two sets of 200-question real test simulations, with ± 3 sigma from the real exam result)
A pack of 42 flash cards
  For quick review of the definition of the inputs and outputs of ITTO
1 audio CD (Pithy formula of the Processes ad Terms/Definitions)
Course package bag with pens and highlighters
Course Locations and Dates:
Courses are taught in Chinese, in Taipei, Kaushong and Taichung. Course fee is USD 1094 per person. Group discount available. If your company needs PMP training in Chinese, please contact:, or TEL:+886-7-5888877

For more course detail, please go to:



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